Set up and use of VPN client and Remote Desktop

to login to your office PC



1.      Install new GlobalProtect VPN program on your PC (skip if installed)

a.       Go to

b.      Enter your Chisholm username (example: myles or ianj) and password and press enter

c.       On the new page click the file that is appropriate for the computer you are using. (New Windows PCs are usually 64 bit)

d.      Install this file on your computer by clicking Run or saving to your computer and then double clicking. Accept the defaults.

e.       When the GlobalProtect program is installed and opens fill in:

                                                              i.      your Chisholm username (example: myles or ianj)

                                                            ii.      your Chisholm password.

                                                          iii.      Beside Portal type:

                                                          iv.      Uncheck ‘Remember Me’ and click ‘Apply’


2.      If new GlobalProtect VPN client is already installed on your PC

a.       Right click the GlobalProtect icon and choose Connect

Note: The GlobalProtect icon is near the clock. You may have to click the up arrow  to see it. Drag the GlobalProtect icon to the same line as the clock to make it more accessible for the furture.

(see the picture below)



b.      Enter your Chisholm username (example: zoran or paulb) and Chisholm password then press enter.


3.      Click here and click your name or 1. Remote Office Server