Login to Office PC with LogMeIn


(Assumption: Office PC is ON)


Steps explained here are:

1.       Installation of LogMeIn Client (a one-time setup)

2.       Normal daily use which is to start the client and login (very quick once you have set up the client)


Setup LogMeIn client


Install LogMeIn Client


  1. Go to https://secure.logmein.com/products/pro/learnmore/desktopapp.aspx
  2. Beside ‘Desktop App’ click the link for either ‘Windows’ or ‘MAC’



  1. Click Run
  2. Check ‘I have read and agree..’ then click ‘Next’ twice
  3. Click ‘Finish’


  1. Click LogMeInIgnition.dmg
  2. Drag ‘LogMeIn Client.app’ into Applications
  3. Close this ‘LogMeIn Client’ window
  4. Click Finder, Applications, then LogMeIn Client.app
  5. Click ‘Open’


Log In

  1. Type your email address and password and click the blue ‘Log In’ bar
  2. Type the code sent to your cell as a text (or click ‘Get Code by Email’ to get the code)
  3. Click Submit
  4. Click ‘<your name>’s Office PC’
  5. Click ‘Remote Control’
  6. Enter user name (example: ignacio) and normal windows password and press enter



  1. If the PC is locked click  then Login



Normal Use

  1. Start the ‘LogMeIn Client’ 
  2. Click <your name>’s PC (for Windows then click ‘Remote Control’)
  3. Type your user name (example: ignacio) and windows password and press enter