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We trade all types of meat proteins from all global origins and are able to provide a full range of global options to both manufacturers and distributors. We also make available other commodities such as dried fruit, fish and frozen vegetables for further processing for our domestic and export customers.

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with producers and processors, we have the ability to develop customized product specifications and packaging.

Due to our daily international exposure, we bring a complete picture of current market conditions to our customers. To sustain long-term relationships, we are committed to integrity, prompt service, and sustained presence in dealing with our clients.

With worldwide options available, we’re a one-stop contact for all of our clients’ needs offering product CIF, or duty paid and delivered to the facility ready for use. This is always on a completely confidential and reliable basis.

CHISHOLM’s traders provide in-depth knowledge about global protein markets, and all types and cuts of meat including (but not limited to the following):

Beef Abomasum
Beef Aorta
Beef Bible
Beef Blade Eye
Beef Blood
Beef Bones
Beef Brain
Beef Brisket
Beef Burgers
Beef Butt Tenders
Beef Cap of Rump
Beef Cheek and Headmeat
Beef Cheek Meat
Beef Chuck and Blade Meat
Beef Chuck Meat
Beef Chuck Roll
Beef Chuck Tenders
Beef Chucks
Beef Clods
Beef Coluttes
Beef Cube Roll
Beef Eyerounds
Beef Fat
Beef Feet
Beef Finely Textured
Beef Finger Meat
Beef Flank Steak
Beef Flanks
Beef Flapmeat
Beef Flats
Beef Flats and Eyerounds
Beef Flats and Eyerounds 100 VL
Beef Flats Side Strap Off
Beef Flats Side Strap On
Beef Flats/Eyes
Beef Forequarters
Beef Forequarters
Beef Hanging Tender
Beef Heads
Beef Heart of Rump
Beef Hearts
Beef Heel Meat
Beef Hind Quarters Meat
Beef Honeycomb
Beef Industrial Meat
Beef Inside Rounds
Beef Inside Rounds 100 VL
Beef Insides Cap Off
Beef Insides Cap On
Beef Intestines
Beef Kidneys
Beef Knee Bones
Beef Knuckles
Beef Lips
Beef Livers
Beef Lungs
Beef Mask
Beef Membrane
Beef Mixed
Beef Omasum
Beef Outsides
Beef Paddywack
Beef Pizzle
Beef Plate
Beef Ribeyes
Beef Ribs
Beef Round Cuts
Beef Salivary Glands
Beef Sangria
Beef Shanks
Beef Shin & Shank Meat
Beef Short Loins
Beef Short Plate
Beef Silver Side
Beef Sirloin
Beef Sirloin Top Butt
Beef Skirts
Beef Spinal Cord
Beef Strap
Beef Strip Loins
Beef Sweetbreads
Beef Tails
Beef Tenderloins
Beef Tendons
Beef Testicles
Beef Tongues
Beef Topside
Beef Tri Tips
Beef Trimmings
Beef Trimmings Miscellaneous
Beef Tripe
Beef Tunic Tissue
Boneless Beef
Boneless Beef Neck Meat
Ground Beef
Canned Corned Beef

Pork Back Bones
Pork Back Fat
Pork Back Ribs
Pork Back Skins
Pork Bacon
Pork Bellies (Skin On/Off)
Pork Belly Flanks
Pork Belly Skins
Pork Belly Strips
Pork Bladder
Pork Blade Bones
Pork Blademeat
Pork Brains
Pork Brisket Bones
Pork Bung
Pork Butt (Bone-In/Boneless)
Pork Butt Fat
Pork Butt Skins
Pork Button Bones
Pork Carcass
Pork Casings
Pork Cheekmeat
Pork Collar Butts (Boneless)
Pork Collars
Pork Cutting Fat
Pork Diaphragm Meat
Pork Ear Base
Pork Ear Drums
Pork Ears
Pork Femur Bones
Pork Finely Textured
Pork Front Feet
Pork Ground
Pork Ham (2-5 Piece) (Boneless)
Pork Ham Fat
Pork Ham Hocks
Pork Ham Insides
Pork Ham Knuckles
Pork Ham Lite Butt
Pork Ham Outsides
Pork Ham Shank Bones
Pork Ham Skins
Pork Hams (Bone-In/Boneless)
Pork Hanging Tenders
Pork Headmeat
Pork Heads
Pork Hearts
Pork Hind Feet
Pork Hocks
Pork Humerus Bones
Pork Inner Ear
Pork Inner Ham Shankmeat
Pork Inside Caps
Pork Intestines
Pork Intestines (Small)
Pork Jowl Fat
Pork Jowl Skins
Pork Jowl Trimmings
Pork Jowls
Pork Katarose Butts
Pork Kidneys
Pork Knees
Pork Lacones
Pork Lard
Pork Leaf Lard
Pork Lips
Pork Livers
Pork Loin Rib Ends (Bone-In/Boneless)
Pork Loins (Bone-In/Boneless) (Strap On/Off)
Pork Lungs
Pork Masks
Pork Mechanically Deboned
Pork Minced Fat
Pork Mix
Pork Mixed Skins
Pork Neck Bones
Pork Outer Ham Shankmeat
Pork Oyster Pieces
Pork Pancreas Glands
Pork Picnic Cushion Meat
Pork Picnic Hocks
Pork Picnic Shankmeat
Pork Picnic Skins
Pork Picnics (72-85CL) (Cushion In/Out) (Bone-In/Boneless)
Pork Picnics (Bone-In/Boneless)
Pork Plucks
Pork Primals
Pork Rib Tail Ends
Pork Riblets
Pork Salivary Glands
Pork Sausage
Pork Shoulder (Bone-In/Boneless)
Pork Shoulder Fat
Pork Side Ribs
Pork Single Rib Bones
Pork Sirloins (Buckeyes)
Pork Sirloins (Ham Ends) (Bone In)
Pork Skirt Meat
Pork Snouts
Pork Soft Bones
Pork Sow Bellies
Pork Sow Ham Knuckles
Pork Sow Shoulders
Pork Special Trim Inside Ham Muscle
Pork Spleens
Pork St. Louis Ribs
Pork Stomachs
Pork Tails
Pork Temple Meat
Pork Tenderloins
Pork Tongue
Pork Trace Of Lean Trimmings
Pork Trimmings (42 – 95 CL)
Pork Uteri
Suckling Pig

Goat Carcass(Bone-In/Boneless)
Goat Cubes
Goat Hindquarters
Goat Legs (Bone-In/Boneless)
Goat Meat (Boneless)
Goat Neck
Goat Short Loin (Bone-In)
Goat Trunks
Lamb Back Bones
Lamb Breast
Lamb Carcass
Lamb Chumps
Lamb Flank (Boneless)
Lamb Flap (Boneless)
Lamb Forequarter (Bone-In)
Lamb Foreshank
Lamb Hindshank (Bone-In)
Lamb Leg
Lamb Livers
Lamb Loin
Lamb Neck Bones
Lamb Oyster Cut Shoulder
Lamb Rack (7 Rib/Frenched Bone-In)
Lamb Shanks
Lamb Shoulder BRN
Lamb Square Cut Shoulder
Lamb Striploins (Boneless)
Lamb Tenderloins Boneless
Lamb Trimmings Boneless
Lamb Whole Necks Bone In
Mutton Carcass
Mutton Flap (Boneless)
Mutton Legs
Mutton Loins
Mutton Necks
Mutton Racks (Bone-In)
Mutton Shoulder
Mutton Trimmings
Mutton Trunks (Boneless)

Chicken 3-Joint Wing
Chicken Back
Chicken Breast (Bone-In/Boneless)
Chicken Burgers
Chicken Carcass
Chicken Chunks
Chicken Drumette
Chicken Drumstick
Chicken Feet
Chicken Fillet
Chicken Franks
Chicken Gizzards
Chicken Halves
Chicken Hearts
Chicken Leg Quarter
Chicken Livers
Chicken Mechanically Deboned
Chicken Mechanically Separated
Chicken Mid Joint Wings
Chicken Mortadella
Chicken Necks
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Paws
Chicken Popcorn Pieces
Chicken Saddles
Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Skin
Chicken Split Wing
Chicken Thigh Bone In
Chicken Thigh Boneless
Chicken Trim
Chicken Broilers Whole
Chicken Grillers Whole
Chicken Leg Whole (Bone-In/Boneless)
Chicken Wing Tips
Duck 2 Joint Wings
Duck Breast
Duck Feet
Duck Necks
Fowl Backs
Fowl Breasts
Fowl Thigh Meat
Goose – Whole
Ground Chicken
Heavy Fowl 3-Joint Wings
Heavy Fowl Leg Quarters
Light Fowl 3-Joint Wings
Light Fowl Leg Quarters
Rooster Saddles
Turkey 2 Joint Wings
Turkey 3 Joint Wings
Turkey Bologna
Turkey Breast Bone In
Turkey Breast Boneless
Turkey Drum Meat
Turkey Drummette
Turkey Drumstick
Turkey Fries
Turkey Gizzards
Turkey Hearts
Turkey Livers
Turkey Mechanically Separated
Turkey Necks
Turkey Scapula
Turkey Skin
Turkey Tails
Turkey Tenders
Turkey Thigh Meat
Turkey Trim
Turkey Whole
Turkey Wiener
Turkey Wing Tips
Whole Heavy Fowl
Whole Light Fowl

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  • Horse
  • Kangaroo
  • Rabbit