Remote Office

  1. To Login to the Chisholm network please install the VPN client by following the note below called ‘For Remote Office
  2. To Direct office phone calls to your home or cell phone use the note below called ‘Using Chisholm Phone number at Home‘. Note: Make long distance phone calls with the Telus app on your computer or cell phone to avoid long distance charges.
  3. See the last section below to see Chisholm videos on Adobe and Teams

Once you have VPN’d in or logged on to your office PC you can get to the following:

For Remote Office
To log into the Chisholm network with either a PC or MAC please install the VPN client by going here: VPN Client
Using Chisholm Phone Number at Home
To change where your office phone number will ring call Rick or James (see numbers below) or do it yourself by doing one of the following:

  • Use the Telus Portal
    • Go to and logon with your email address and normal windows password.
    • Click ‘Call Handling Rules
    • Make the switch green beside the phone number you want to ring. If the number you want to ring is not listed type it in beside HOME.
    • Turn off (make switch not green) any other phone you are not using.
    • Click SAVE
  • Use your Cell Phone Telus App
    • Open the Biz Connect on your cell phone
    • Click the ‘Person‘ symbol at top left then choose Extension Settings
    • Click Call Handling Rules
    • Make the switch green beside the phone number you want to ring. Make the switch not green beside the phone number you don’t want to ring
    • If the number is not in the list of numbes click ‘Add Phone
    • On the new line that appears above ‘Add Phone‘ type in a name for the phone number then the phone number below it
    • Touch the switch to the right to make it Green (which means its ‘turned on’)
    • Click SAVE (top right)
For Remote Tech Support
  • Call a support person at the numbers below.
For Disaster Recovery Site and Procedures
Technical Support Contacts
For any issues please call any of the following cell phones

416-358-3553 – Rick McCormick
647-523-5293 – James Anderson
613-408-7898 – Daniel Power
905-550-1801 – Shane Kelly
647-293-8890 – Philip Lam
416- 841-2467 – Kevin Koo

Chisholm Videos on how do things in Adobe and Teams